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The moment we address you now, is a crucial one since the nation of Sri Lanka (including Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim communities) is facing a serious tragedy in its history. To speak the truth the capitalist rulers who have been governing this country have lead the country and its people to a tragic fate once again.

Similar to the delinquent, imperialistic, traitor govts those were in our history, the People’s Alliance leaders have also gone kneeling down at their imperialist masters asking the remedies for the problems which are nurtured and made use by them. They have found false solutions for National Question from imperialistic lines and the economy is also taken into the trap of imperialists by getting help of World Bank and IMF.

Having unable to solve the National Question in Sri Lanka just as they couldn’t solve the socio-economic problems of our people, these capitalist rulers could do nothing but selling out the national asserts to the foreign and multi national companies and continuing the communalists’ war. Instead of solving the National Question on the basis of equality, the capitalist govts have only strengthen the blood thirsty LTTE. That has only pushed the Tamil people towards the pit of Tamil Elaam separatism.

The communalists’ war has come to a crucial point with its current tragedies. Jaffna Peninsula is to be taken over by the LTTE, as a result of the fall of the ‘Ali Mankada’ (Elephant Pass) Camp. It’s clear that the false policies of the govt have led this country into a tragedy. Prabhakaran’s dream of creating a separatist state is contributed by the crimes done by the capitalist rulers.

The problem still persists. The capitalist rulers who have lead the country into the threat of a separatist war, making use of the current situation, are now paving the way for another foreign intervention. Those who have aroused owing to the defeat of govt forces at the war are used to justify the need of a foreign intervention. We must not forget that this type of tragedies has occurred repeatedly in the history of this country owing to the inability of rulers to solve problems.

Having called for a Norway intervention in the peace talks, the govt lead the country into a military defeat recently and now the govt leaders are expecting an Indian intervention. Another problem is inevitable since the Israel diplomatic relations is to be re-established. We hereby do not comment on the diplomatic relations with the countries around the world. Instead we are attentive on the foreign interventions in the guise of solving the National Question. We do not agree with that. That will be newly creating lengthened problems. The responsibility of this situation must be gone to the rulers who lead this country into these problems.

The rulers continuously made use of the problems of this country. Now they have declared an “emergency war situation”. The suppressive machinery is strengthened using several articles of the Public Security Act. We hereby stress that this is a situation, which should be taken into deep consideration by the people of this country. The sealing of newspaper offices, proscribing workers’ strikes, arrests, detentions will tomorrow be activated against the activities of workers, farmers, students and other progressive movements.

The whole past in which the Emergency Regulations was active is the best evident that Emergency Regulations are not able to defeat LTTE. Only this law suppressed the workers, farmers, students and journalists. Who can assure that this kind of hunting won’t happen again? Those who demand to “declare an emergency war situation” will also be the victims of the same suppression. The govt, which used the Emergency Regulations to suppress and to control the people in the guise of solving the war, would again use these suppressive laws furthermore in future.

The Postal service, banks, Phosphate deposit that are at stake would be sold out while this emergency war situation is imposed. Govts of both PA and UNP must be responsible for the tragedy that this country is facing. Not that the people are responsible for their sins. To solve the National Problem, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim people must be treated in the basis of equality. The separatism cannot be defeated unless the LTTE is defeated with such an actual program. The denial of people’s rights must be stopped forthwith. The suppressive laws imposed to declare an emergency war situation must be called off. That type of suppression should be fair to impose on the rulers who created these problems.

We appeal to all the people of Sri Lanka to act with responsibility during this national crisis. Not the capitalist class can salvage the people but the unity of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim people will be the only path of salvation for them. We also appeal the people and their progressive forces to protest against the suppressive laws and against the anti-democratic actions of PA govt. They must get together in the course of protecting democratic rights, to secure the future of this country.

Political Bureau

People’s Liberation Front (JVP)

05. 05. 2000