India is in Trouble owing to Sri Lankan situation!

India’s BJP govt has faced a serious problem regarding how to respond to requests for intervention by Sri Lankan govt. It has faced problems since the BJP standpoint and coalition party standpoints are different regarding the National Question of Sri Lanka. Coalition Member parties of Indian govt have opposed helping Sri Lanka without considering the situation of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Party of Indian Security Minister George Fernandez and some other (DMK, PMK etc) are against an Indian intervention against LTTE. Even a well establishment of a separatist movement at the southern point of India will be an encouragement to India based separatist movements. India is facing this double-edged crisis owing to developments in Sri Lanka as well as request of foreign intervention by PA govt in Sri Lanka.

General Election within the war thrill

Reports reveal that PA govt is getting ready to hold the Parliamentary Elections while the society is heated by war in North. Govt is expecting to get the advantage since the opposition parties are oppressed by newly imposed regulations. Right of free expression is denied and censorship is a protection for the PA govt. Govt sources report that they are getting prepared for an immediate election. Instant military operations at North will be launched to win the hearts of people and election will be held soon after. This tactic will enable the govt to mobilize “warmonger Sinhala communalists” in support of the govt. Election Commissioner Department is also getting ready to hold an immediate General Election but the situation in North will affect to the success of the whole program prepared by PA govt

Israel Helps by post!

PA govt’s sole savior for NorthEast War, Israel is seemingly wait for the development of war. Even in appearance Israel is ready to help PA govt to stop the war, the reports show it to act different. Israel leaders are happy about having a chance to open a diplomatic mission at Colombo in the name of helping Sri Lanka. Israel has helped LTTE by weapons and many other items. PA govt is given hopes that they will supply sophisticated arms soon. The secret of delay can be assumed. Israel wants PA govt to fall into deeper crisis owing to war, so that the help from Israel is essential. During the period of waiting the other countries may not attempt helping Sri Lanka since PA govt is looking for Israel help. Meanwhile Israel weapons given to LTTE may lead it to better victories and Sri Lanka will badly need Israel aid. Last issue of “Gulf Air” newspaper reveled that 300 Israel commandos are assigned to go to Sri Lanka but reportedly none has come to Sri Lanka. Modern Battle Aircrafts and weapons were to be brought after the report was made. But it is obvious that Israel won’t help Sri Lanka until LTTE achieved much victories to become a real threat to govt.

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