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JUNE 2000


In many aspects our island is moving towards separation and sells out of National Resources. Separatists in many masks are counting fingers with the hope of seeing the success of their coups. National and international separatist forces together and separately advancing in their strategic intentions. Most of the separatist organizations including LTTE are hiding their actual intentions and most of such organizations have to keep quiet owing to the Tamilsí Liberation is totally owned by LTTE guns. LTTE by hook or crook fight for a separate state, a Tamil Elaam.

Separatists other than LTTE at south are prepared to support PA govt. PA activities at the final analysis are serving for the separatism. LTTE do not need a long-term solution. Owing to the deaths it has paid in its course, LTTE cannot agree with a solution before winning an Elaam state. Both UNP and PA played games with the National Question. Imperialist coups have come to the final stage, since the crisis generated by the National Question is at the peak. So the logical result of this reality is inevitable, the constitutional separation is about to compromise by these traitors. Political Package of PA govt will launch the activity of separation. UNP and the other henchmen of both capitalist parties will unanimously support that. In that sense each and every Sinhala and Tamil Elaam seekers of North and South as well as the imperialist agents have same objective to divide Sri Lanka in to separate states.

At this moment the ruling PA govt and opposition UNP are helping their imperialist masters to implement their objective projects. Constitutional Reforms are used conspiratively to bring about the success of these plans. So called decentralization of political power and localization are introduced to make their projects successful. These concepts will be utilized to systematically exploit the masses of underdeveloped countries. All the living and nonliving resources are being sold to the multilateral imperialistic companies. Just as UNP, PA govt and other political traitors who support sell out of national assets, they have no clashes among them regarding their goal, territorial separation of Sri Lanka. So the solution they have for National Question is not different from LTTE separatism. Chandrika, Ranil, Prabhakaran and their henchmen are alike in that regard. Their political agenda is same, given by the imperialists.

So this country must be protected from these traitors. That protection must be brought about not by separatists or by their supporters. Neither it can be expected from separatists what so ever, nor can it be gained from the PA govt which is sublimed to imperialists.

Protecting this country can be done by only those who wish to protect the National Unity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka. Those who respect equality and democracy can bring about that victory. For that a struggle should be launched to create a humanitarian society in Sri Lanka.

Those who respect democracy, national integrity and communal unity must take over the emergency task to fight against local and international imperialistic agents, in order to protect this country.