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A Man Lived in his Future !


Memory of a man is not valued by the lifetime he lived. Many people who marked their lives in the human history have lived less lifetimes. That means, the quality of a manís life cannot be measured by the age he lived. Those who lived and did much comparative to their lifetime have surpassed their time.

Comrade Rohana Wijeweera was one such person. He was born on the 14th of July 1943 and on the 13th of November 1989 he was assassinated. Those who were afraid of his political life, having unable to defeat his politics decided to remove his physical life. Having done that his enemy butchers expected to escape from the political threat led by his politics. But comrade Rohanaís political life has gone beyond his physical life. That political life lived within so many people whom he was not known or not met in his lifetime. In reality he did not live a political life merely within his physical body. Owing to that reason, without him living, his political life(JVP) prevails not only in his country, but also in other countries.

Today, still there is much knowledge to gather from his examples. Those who work for a social revolution get closer to him for newer knowledge. So we still believe that he is the actual leader in changing our society in a complete and meaningful form.