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In the history when the Leftist Movement could develop its strength, in return the ability of working class also improved. Sometimes these strengthened movements led their struggles towards the accomplishment of their revolutionary objectives. But towards the end of 80s the Leftist Movements all over the world did not experience better achievements. After the fall of ‘Socialist Block’ the revolutionary movements in the world had to experience numerous setbacks.

As a result the imperialists destructively attempted to establish their power both physically and ideologically world over. Capitalist system while facing worst conditions against survival had a little relief. The imperialists boasted that the socialism will never be successful and they discouraged leftist movements by pointing at the examples of fallen socialist block. After that fall of socialist block countries, the capitalist class continued their activities all over the world to keep proletariat class in slavery.

But the practice and growth of New Leftist movements silenced these ideological attacks done by the imperialist propaganda all over the world. During the 90s most of the leftist movements got established among the people including laborers and farmers by emphasizing the importance of a leftist political movement. Many of the Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Chile in some of the European countries and in Japan too the trend is highly visible.

Within these circumstances, the victories achieved by the Sri Lankan Leftist Movement also have a much higher value. Sri Lankan Leftist parties including JVP have proved that they own a prominent place in Sri Lankan political arena. At the end of 80s the Sri Lankan capitalist class unleashed a massive suppression on JVP and it ended up having devoured the lives of a considerable majority of JVP members and its leadership. Just as the imperialists declared "No more socialism", the Sri Lankan capitalist class cheered ""No more JVP". But it was just for a little period of time. Defeating all the hindrances and a false allegation, reverting the pessimism within the proletariat, the JVP could reorganize the oppressed people of Sri Lanka into a better victory in history. By improving the party organizations both nationally and internationally, JVP could claim a much larger space within the Sri Lankan politics. Now it is known in the world that the JVP revealed its victory at the recent Provincial Council Elections.

When the PA govt postponed elections, JVP had to protest against such anti democratic decisions and the PA could do nothing but hand over the victory banner to JVP by holding the elections. And the JVP and other parties faced the violence launched by both PA govt and UNP. Specially, the JVP, members and supporters (even the candidates) had to face the violence more than the other parties. But the JVP could face the situation within a broader democratic standpoint. Most important thing at any cost was preventing possible polls plunder. In that sense, JVP could call for a huge protest in the society against illegal election practice by the PA govt and UNP.

JVP, along with the other leftist elements and media, used its utmost capacity to defeat the anti democratic activities of capitalist class. And the request given to the people for electing a new leadership for the new century was granted in a better response. At the Northwestern provincial council election JVP had a discipline to face a worse series of attacks, but the people voting for a new political culture, elected three members from JVP. That victory was taken further foreword by the people at the other elections. As a result, without having any space before JVP could win 18 seats in the 6 provincial councils. It was not a mere victory to represent proletariat. Invading the heart of capitalist power JVP could win a prominent place in the Western Provincial Council. Instead of electing another capitalist party for the existing one, people have elected JVP members to challenge the capitalist power. Without allying with any capitalist party, but getting an attraction that none of them could leave it JVP has taken a superior place in the Western Provincial Council.

Being urban districts Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara altogether have 104 seats for the provincial council and JVP could win 8 seats. This 8 seat victory has neutralized the power taken by the PA’s 46 seats and UNP’s 44 seats. Now the PA govt has happened to establish a provincial govt in Western province without holding a clear majority power. This appear to be an unstable provincial council but it has also created a critical political situation for the capitalist powers that they cannot take decisions as they wish in their monopoly of power. Nothing has caused that but the development of an actual power from (and for) the people. If any of the leftist parliamentrists or Racist capitalist party (who would greed for ministries and other privileges) achieved this victory, PA or UNP may not face this crisis. When we refer to the historic occasions in which capitalist parties could establish coalition govts this truth can be revealed. But when it becomes JVP, the actual alternative for both capitalists and reformist leftists, the people’s will has completely changed. This new trend has attracted the attention of people and other forces towards the leftist movement.

To create a practice aiming a better society and to become a new leadership during the forthcoming century, this victory given by the people have handed over another big challenge to the leftist movement. For that the leftist movement including the JVP, has denying power in the provincial council and by that they can get themselves established better among the people. That is the next target left for the Left.