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The People's Alliance (PA) having cheated Sri Lankan people to come to power in 1994, after the 17 years of UNP's suppressive rule, is spending its fifth year. Even being in power four nearly five years PA has proved its incompetence in doing anything for the sake of country or people. Despite of their pledges given to people in 1994 general election, PA is following the footsteps of United National Party (UNP). Prices of goods are increased, people's democratic rights are denied suppression launched, state assets are sold cheap and the free education rights are denied. Then the number of civil crimes plus the suicides have increased. As a whole our country is being led to destruction. It's a truth if anybody says that PA has given the people nothing but just hunger, malnutrition and death. It's a serious problem since the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities of Sri Lanka are trying to fight with each other owing to no solutions given to National Question.

No confidence is left with people owing to PA's broken pledges and the UNP's attempt to win the people is becoming unsuccessful. But its clear those common masses all around the country are coming closer to JVP instead of those capitalist parties. The recent provincial council election has very clearly revealed this trend. Within this political situation, celebrating the International Workers' Day, the People's Liberation Front states their May Day proposals to this massive Red May Day Rally, as following:



01. Having given pledges to the people before coming to power, PA govt has not followed them. But now they are following the economic and political principles, which earn profits for the imperialists. This May Day Rally with disgust condemns that anti democratic, anti social practice of PA govt.


02. PA govt promised the people to reestablish the democratic rights and for that the barrier of executive presidency is to be abolished. But nothing has happened till now. The pledge to abolish executive presidency before the 15th of July 1995 was broken without shame. The Emergency Regulations and the Executive Presidential power are used to deny the people's democratic rights. Workers are suppressed without letting them to fight for better service conditions. Students are denied from their rights to fight for Free Education Rights. This Red May Day Rally condemns all these activities of the PA govt and demands the protection of democratic rights as well as abolition of Executive Presidency forthwith.


03. PA govt is following the footsteps of former destructive rule of UNP. State assets are being sold cheap to the foreign business racketeers. Best agricultural areas including the irrigation projects are proposed to be sold. Working class including farmers is to be betrayed into the exploitative grip of Multinational Companies. This massive Red May Day rally condemns those policies followed by PA govt and demands the workers, farmers and common people to gather together hand in hand to defeat this danger.


04. Instead of listening to the fair demands of the working class, the govt is following a rigid pre-assumed suppressive policy. Strikers are expelled from the work places. Working class struggles are crushed using the armed forces. This JVP May Day Rally denounces this practice of PA govt and demands re-recruitment of all the expelled employees including the 1980 July strikers.


05. PA govt contributing to another black mark in the Sri Lankan election history, utilized the utmost capacity of thug politics and plundered the North Western Provincial Council Election. This massive May Day Rally with disgust condemns that anti democratic practice of PA govt and demands calling off North Western Provincial Council and to re-hold election for that province.


06. The people have gifted JVP with a big victory at North Western Province as well as at the recent elections at five provinces. JVP salutes all the people who despite of the threatens, assaults and other type of harassment of both PA and UNP, contributed in gaining this much of a victory for the JVP.


07. Being the political parties who ruled Sri Lanka for 51 years, UNP and member parties of PA have proved their inability and unobjectivity to engage themselves in an actual development program for this country. Instead they have greedily devoured the precious resources and led it to a deep destruction. This May Day Rally is confident that Sri Lanka can uplifted from its backward neo-colonial capitalist system to develop in a genuine socialist path only establishing a leftist working class govt under the leadership of JVP. This Red May Day Rally suggests establishing a Leftist Center to gather leftist people who would like to work for achieving that goal.



01. Having tested their latest destructive weapons at Iraq, the USA-NATO warmongers for the same purpose have invaded Serbia. The imperialists divided Yugoslavia and created Kozovo crisis. Now covering behind that crisis they put their paws into Serbia. They while showering bombs at Iraq and Serbia warn the other countries of the world that if anybody dares to oppose imperialist objectives will face the same fate. Despising the malicious attempts to expand the imperialist slavery into other states, this Red May Day rally appeal the peace loving peoples all over the world to gather together against imperialism.


02. This Red May Day Rally with disgust condemns the imperialist military attacks on Serbia by the imperialists as well as the attacks by the Melosovich rule of Serbia which unleash suppression and displace common people of Kozovo in the guise of suppressing the separatist militants aided by imperialists.


03. This Red May Day Rally condemns the US policy of invading the independent states and acting as the 'world policeman' in a changed political reality after the fall of Socialist countries.


04. The attacks on Socialist Cuba and its people, Socialist North Korea and its people, Libya and its people, Iraq and its people by the imperialists are condemned at this massive Red May Day Rally. And we hereby convey our cooperation with the Communist parties and heroic peoples of those countries who engage in a desperate struggle against imperialism.


05. With a serious worldwide crisis of capitalism backward capitalist countries on which the open economy is imposed have proved their inability. This reveals that the capitalism has no future. So this Red May Day Rally appeals the oppressed masses including working class all over the world to march forward in the struggle to defeat imperialist capitalism and to establish the Socialism.


06. This Red May Day Rally stresses the necessity of reorganizing the Leninist International pioneered by the true Marxists and Leninist movements to solve the worldwide crisis of capitalist system, scientifically by establishing Socialism.


Long live the International Workers Day !


Political Bureau

People's Liberation Front (JVP)

Sri Lanka

01st of May 1999