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Another International Workers’ Day has arrived. This May Day owing to several reasons has vitality than the elapsed May Days.

One importance is the arrival of a new century. This May Day has a significance of both stepping in to the new century and stepping out of the former century. By looking back at the expiring 20th century, we can find our way to the forthcoming 21st century.

Elapsed May Days as well as its beginning are important. It began after a protest demanding an 8hour working day. That struggle paved way for the worldwide working class to organize their strength, unity and capacity against the capitalism. Not only a day of organizing themselves but also a moment for collecting new grips of energy to marching towards their common destiny. There were the significant results of the May Day at the beginning of this expiring century. A victorious step was taken by forming the Socialist Soviet Union. That step was advanced when the worldwide working masses could create a Block of Socialist States. But the rest of the century elapsed reverting the former victories. Imperialism could succeed in overpowering working class, its leadership as well as the Socialism.

Even the facts are such; working class more seriously questions the present social condition than the awareness of bourgeoisie. In that light, the last May Day of the century has taken the worldwide working class into stronger hopes of liberation. 20th century, the said to be "century of bourgeoisie" has now turned out to be an opened door for the working class. While the capitalism inherits its incompetence to the new century, the working class is given challenges to accomplish. The arrival of new century has given the awareness to the working class of the political process of the elapsed century. It has taught us so much of lessons. But merely by being learnt lessons, working class won’t be able to win in the new century.

Despite of holding trumps for victory the challenges of the new century won’t be so easy to achieve. A main barrier would be the widening of survival conditions by the capitalism. In that sense, a tighter grip of capital may arrest each an every possibility. It is already shown in reality. For instance,"8 hours working day" the slogan from which the May Day sprang up has to be repeated. The duration of work shift has gone beyond 10-14 hours. In order to earn more and more capital, this optimum slavery will be declared compulsory sooner. Eventhough, to fight back against the slavery is not something done by mere experienced past.

The superior authority that capital has on the present world is to be considered and reconsidered. It is of much importance the statement of the Communist Manifesto; "Working class do not belongs to a state". All are taken together in the process of production today. It has become a reality that the working class has no alternative than getting together hand in hand over the state boundaries. It is the important point that stresses the working class both local and international. Then the next important task is the extent, which understand that necessity of getting into a united movement. It would be a critical question to decide on whether to waste May Day for decorated festivals or to get organized stronger for the working class victory in the new century.

So the working class leadership is given a huge challenge. They are forced to win the new century by organizing the working class movement; instead of slipping in to a survival politics or a capitalist cooperate politics. No other way left in our hands than to march forward with new strategy and a better workplan.