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If your attempt is genuine,

Stop these lunatics !

Comrade Tilvin Silva has written to the president referring to the serious violent incidents happened on the same day and after the All party Election Observation Committee is formed. Comrade Tilvin Silva says that there may arise suspicions towards the Observation Committee, if the govt. do not take immediate measures to investigate about the incidents and bring the responsible persons into the courts. The letter dated 26th of February is as follows:

On the 25th of February you called a meeting of the leaders of all parties putting forward the intention to stop election frauds and related violence.

But while the discussion is on the way and later on the PA candidates and their supporters publicly attacked the members and supporters of JVP. Election propaganda offices of our party too are damaged by these attacks. If you are honestly attempting to stop election violence, this will be an obstacle for that. But if the necessary steps are not taken against the attackers, naturally there may arise the genuineness of your attempt. Some of such violent events reported are mentioned herewith for your knowledge. We also request to take immediate measures to stop these and the involved attackers must taken to the courts. Please direct the police to do their duty, without lenience and submission to political power.

1. On the 13th of February at about 3am, a gang of PA supporters has attacked JVP candidates and their supporters who were engaging in election propaganda. PA Local Council chairman M.R.B.Gnanatilake, PA councilor Gunaratne and their supporters have led this attack. JVPís Anuradhapura district candidates, K.A. Seneviratne and Mahinda Jayasinghe were severely injured owing to the assaulting. Comrade Jayasinghe is admitted to Galnewa hospital since he was abducted and assaulted in an inhuman manner. Complain entry at Galnewa police is MOIB 122/98.

2. On The 24th of February at about 2am, PA supporters attacked two Colombo district candidates of JVP, Wisantha Menard Pieris, Shanthilal Fernando and their supporters. PAís Colombo district candidate Moratuwa Municipal Councilor Susan Fernando and PA Municipal Councilor Samuel Ranjith were leading the mob that attacked our supporters with iron bars. Comrade Pieris is admitted to Lunawa hospital owing to the serious injuries. Complain entry at Moratuwe Police is EIB 01/02

3. On the 25th of February at about 3.25pm, PAís Gampaha district MP Jinadasa Nandasena, with about 20 supporters attacked the JVP election office at 64/1B,Peliyagoda. MP Nandasena has pointed a pistol at comrade Nandana Nishantha JVPís Gampaha district candidate and threatened that he does not allow JVP to engage in political activities at Kelaniya. ĎIf anybody dares to do they will be killedí was the clear threatening by the MP. The mob has destroyed the cutouts; posters and other election propaganda instruments kept in the office. Complain entry at Peliyagoda police is 01/04 of the Election Complain Book.